Reinvent the way you train
Discover the Rewards of Online Substitute Teacher Training


Save Time and Money

Eliminate staff time required to train substitute teachers on an on-going basis. Online Substitute Teacher Training means quickly and efficiently training your substitute teachers.


Instant Availability

Substitute teachers can immediately sign up and receive training. Online Substitute Teacher Training means that teachers train on their own time and schedule - 24x7.




People learn at different paces.  Virtual training provides the perfect pace for everyone.  Users can take as much time as they need for each section and even go back and review sections as needed.


Ensure Consistent Content


Online Substitute Teacher Training ensures that your content is consistent and complete each time it is delivered.  Never again worry that important information might be missed in a training session.




Your substitute teachers will love the fact that they can train anytime, anywhere - even from a mobile device.




Provide the documentation that you need to protect your school district.  Our virtual training provides you with reports on who has trained.

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Reinvent the way you train

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