Effective Substitute Training


The online Effective Substitute Training (EST) course is a convenient and cost effective way to train existing and new substitute teachers to be more effective in the classroom.  Many substitute teachers have not had formal classroom training and come from a variety of backgrounds.  This course provides training on areas such as classroom management, lesson planning, and behavior management that are all geared toward the level of knowledge that a substitute teacher needs.


Your substitute will watch videos from experienced teachers at all grade levels that will provide tips and techniques for how to manage students at various age and maturity levels.  They will also hear from teachers what makes a great substitute teacher from their perspective.


Substitute teachers also need to be aware of learning styles and diversity in order to be the most effective substitute.  This course will provide a "bag of tricks" for substitutes to pull from in various situations.


Increase the skill level of your substitute teachers and make them more effective in the classroom  through this cost effective online course.  This course can also be combined with our online customizable Substitute Orientation Course.




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